Lord Sam Sinister is the main antagonist of the Johnny Thunder films. He is cunning and clever, but is always foiled by both Johnny Thunder and his own henchmen, such as Patrick. He first appeared as a villain in the LEGO Adventurers sets.
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Character DetailsEdit

Physical DescriptionEdit

Lord Sam Sinister is mostly seen wearing a tan hunting jacket (later replaced by a black version with a white scarf), dark gray pants, and a white pith helmet, which was later swapped out for a top hat. He has an angry expression on his face with a red scar on his left cheek. He has a monocle over his right eye and a thin, curly mustache above his mouth. He has a goatee on his chin. His left hand is missing, with a hook in its place.


Lord Sinister is a very abrasive, cunning, aggressive, and intelligent villain. Highly selfish, he is willing to do nearly anything he can to get what he wants for his private collection, even if it means killing one of his own men. He usually becomes frustrated over his henchmen, such as Patrick, but still proves to be a worthy enemy to Johnny Thunder.

Before Mustache Maniacs Film Co.Edit

Lord Sinister started out as villain Baron Von Barron for the LEGO Adventurers sets in 1998. Interestingly, in those sets, he was actually an assistant to Slyboots, who was then called Sam Sinister.

In 2000, he became a leader in his own right in the Adventurers Dino Island sub-theme, giving orders to Mr. Cunningham and Alexis Sinister. In 2003, he made his last LEGO set appearance in LEGO Orient Expedition.

Beyond the Adventurers theme, Lord Sam Sinister has also appeared in the LEGOLAND attractions Lost Kingdom Adventure, Journey to the Lost Temple, Secret of the Scorpion Palace, Dino Island, and others. He has also appeared in the video games LEGO RacersLEGO Racers 2, and LEGO Island 2, along with the party game TreasureQuest, the puzzle book The Curse of the Mummy, and various other pieces of Adventurers merchandise, including a promotional Applebee's kid's menu and activity book.


  • Lord Sam Sinister goes by many names, including Evil Eye, Baron Von Barron, Sam Sinister, Mr. Hates, and Sam Sanister.
  • According to, Lord Sinister was originally part of the team of adventurers led by Dr. Daniel Thunder. This is the group he later betrayed.
  • The detective collectible minifigure is said to have solved the case of "The Sam Sinister Switcheroo," a possible reference to Lord Sinister's many names.
  • The decorations inside Lord Sinister's India ruins hut suggests that he is a neo-Nazi. However, this notion is rarely mentioned again, only as hints in passing. This is officially non-canon now, and efforts are being made to remove this trait when ever it shows up in any official material.
  • In the Dino Attack RPG, an alternate future version of this character, named Fssinsiter, existed. However, according to the RPG, the current Lord Sinister altered his actions, wiping Fssinister from existence.


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