Malcom is a dodo character in New Friends ~ An Environmental Fable. He is nasty, squawks too much, and bullies fellow dodo Wobbles. He also bullies the humans' pet dog.
New Friends 13

Malcom (left) attacking the dog

Character DetailsEdit

Physical DescriptionEdit

Malcom physically looks like the other dodos, with a light yellow-tan head and dusty brown feathers and beak. His legs are a slightly pale yellow. His body is rounded and his tail feathers are more slender than the other dodos. He also usually has a mean expression on his face.


Malcom is a bullying dodo who picks on Wobbles by squawking in his face and poking him with his beak. When the humans arrive, he then turns his torment towards their pet dog, which he underestimates in regards to strength and diet. How he came about to be so mean is unknown.


  • In the preliminary documents for New Friends, the character of Malcom did not exist; he was added later during production.
  • During production, Malcom was described as "the only dodo who you don't feel sorry for over being killed."
  • Because he taunts the humans' dog, he is assumed to also lack intelligence.
  • Even though he uses the same audio files for his squawks as Papa Dodo that Arthur Smith recorded, he is not credited in the end credits for this part.


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