Mark Walker is the main protagonist from the film Clone, as well as one of the supporting protagonists from B.I.O. Corps. He is social, but also can be an introvert, especially after the events of Clone.


Character Details Edit

Physical Description Edit

Mark Walker has a mess of thick black hair on top of his head. He has thick eyebrows, no other facial hair, and a thin mouth. His shirt is gray and dark green and he wears dark blue jeans. his belt is black.

Characteristics Edit

Mark Walker is a police trainee who has many friends, but can also be a bit of an introvert and sometimes stays up all night, pondering the mysteries of the universe. He is athletic, but also developed paranoia after the events of the film Clone. Since then, he has become more introspective, but he doesn't let this get in the way of his life.

Trivia Edit

  • When this character was first created for B.I.O. Corps and Legends of the Universe, his backstory as displayed in Clone and his connection to Solarum Industries were never a notion. Those character details were added later.
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