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Mary Rawlins is the wife of Leo Rawlins and is the leading lady in Forest of Fear. She is a believer in the supernatural and fully believes in the horrors around her. She, along with Leo, run a New England restaurant.

Character DetailsEdit

Physical DescriptionEdit

Mary dresses relatively plainly, with a maroon dress with white undershirt. She wears a yellow necklace around her neck, has orange hair, and has strands of hair hang down over her cheeks. She usually looks confident, but will also commonly appear with a scared expression.


Mary is a very intelligent, but also superstitious, owner of a New England restaurant. She loves traveling, but is also very cautious, trying to make sure that she doesn't put herself or Leo in danger.


  • According to the never-released film Black Friday, Mary and Leo have a son named Thomas.
  • She uses the same design as the actress from the LEGO Studios Monster Madness sets.
  • The female lead in Marcus Hutchinson's film The Holiday is modeled after this character.


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