Mathias the Fat Chef is one of the sailors aboard the S.S. Comis in New Friends ~ An Environmental Fable and is the crew's main chef. Though he does not play a major role in the film, he eventually becomes the primary antagonist.
New Friends 16

Character DetailsEdit

  • Film Credits: New Friends ~ An Environmental Fable
  • Character Role: Antagonist
  • Actor: n/a
  • Character Sex: Male

Physical DescriptionEdit

Mathias is big and meaty all over his gigantic body, with meaty hands, a meaty stomach, meaty thighs, and a meaty head. He constantly frowns and has no hair on his head. He wears a red undershirt with blue vest, with black pants, white stockings, and black boots.


His shape speaking for his personality, Mathias is a giant of a man, who is lustful for food and won't think twice about making a meal out of nearly any edible thing in his sight. It is unknown how he came to be aboard the S.S. Comis, but it is clear that he is the ship's cook and has a higher status than fellow sailors Abraham and Old Salt.


  • In preliminary story documents for the movie, this character is simply listed as "the fat chef."
  • When the film was watered down to its current version, this character was the only human character not to lose his intentionally malicious nature.
  • Because he participates in Father Juniper's sermon, it is assumed that Mathias is Catholic.
  • Officially, there is no voice actor who plays this role. His laugh during Papa Dodo's demise is a sound effect that was used from the sound effects library.


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