Mega Wing is Ulysses S. Powell's flying invention that he tries to use to become the first human to fly. It is a short-lived device that takes Ulysses through a time portal before smashing to pieces.


Canon Details Edit

  • Canon Element Type: Vehicle
  • Function: Flight; Transportation
  • Appearances: When Barrels Fly
  • Real or Fictional: Fictional

History Edit

In 1882, Ulysses S. Powell, after seeing a barrel fly through the air, cobbled this machine together from a barrel and several wooden and steel parts as a means to fly through the air. He originally designed the machine to be crank-powered, but because the control lever broke off during his demonstration, he decided to use dynamite instead.

When the dynamite exploded, the Mega Wing with Ulysses inside launched through the air and into a previously-unknown time portal to the Cretaceous period. When it crashed into the ground, the Mega Wing was destroyed, with Ulysses climbing out and wondering what just happened.

Functions Edit

The Mega Wing's main function was to be the first controlled flying machine that could carry humans through the sky. However, due to Ulysses' lack of understanding of aerodynamics, the Mega Wing could only sit on the ground and, without an external force, do nothing. With the dynamite, the Mega Wing could be catapulted through the air and fly for some distance before crashing into the ground.

Trivia Edit

  • According to the official canon, the Mega Wing's body is composed of a barrel because Ulysses assumed that in order to make a flying machine, he would need to use a barrel like the one he saw fly though the air.
  • The name Mega Wing came from the M on the front of the machine's barrel. The M was placed there because it was one of THAC 8's two mod elements. The other, a red brick touching a green brick, is also present on the Mega Wing.
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