Monica is a talking rat that would have appeared in the never-released series LEGO Island: The Animated Series. She is the wife of fellow rat Pasqual and lives inside Brickolini's Pizzeria.

Physical Description

Monica looks almost exactly the same as her rat husband, Pasqual. The only differences are that Monica wears eye shadow and has large, protruding front teeth.


Little has been written about this character, but is known is that, once Brickolini's Pizzeria closes for the day and the staff heads home, she likes to dance on the tables with Pasqual.


  • LEGO Island: The Animated Series (2013; Unreleased)


  • This character, along with Pasqual, are named after Monica Pasqual, the writer of the song "Mama, Papa Brickolini," which appears in the video game LEGO Island.
  • This character, along with Pasqual, was created in order to bring more animal characters into the world of LEGO Island.
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