Nana is the main protagonist in the short animation Space Attack. She is a martial arts expert and first appeared in the student film Nana.
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Character DetailsEdit

Physical DescriptionEdit

Nana is short and stout, with pudgy arms and even pudgier legs. She wears a warm violet dress over her body, with a hood over her head. She also has a hunched back, implying her state of old age.


Nana is a hardened karate expert, despite her old age. She is usually happy, until someone makes her angry, usually by taking something from her. Then, a minute later, those bad guys don't know what hit them. In the film Nana, the ending mentions that she owns Nana's Martial Arts and Crafts.

Before Mustache Maniacs Film Co.Edit

Nana was created by College of the Canyons student Jorge Ferro for his Intro to Animation film Nana. In that film, she is depicted as a lovely old lady who turns sour when a criminal steals her handbag. She beats up the crook before sending him flying into the air. She proved to be so popular that she was added to Space Attack later in the semester.


  • In addition to running the karate studio mentioned above, Nana might also be a nanny, judging by her name.
  • When Nana walks in Nana, her feet make suction cup sounds. This is not featured in her other appearances.


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