Nevada Smith is one of Lord Sinister's henchmen in the film Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo. He is intelligent, but very impulsive, usually putting himself in harm's way. He dies at the hands of giant tiger Tygurah.

Character DetailsEdit

Physical DescriptionEdit

Nevada Smith has a gruff look to his face, with a blue bandanna wrapped on his head. He wears a brown pilot's jacket (similar to that worn by Harry Cane) with black pants.


Nevada Smith is a gruff, yet impulsive, adventurer who is indebted to Lord Sinister's services. He started out as an adventurer at the Explorer's Institute who was interested in locating the tomb of Egyptian Pharaoh Ramalama Dingdong. However, when he and his hired men, including Patrick and William "Billy the Kid" Parker, were trapped inside of a tomb, they were forced to live off of an intern named Dave Anderson. After Lord Sinister rescued them a few days later, Nevada Smith employed the services of himself and his remaining team to him.



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