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Newland Hotel is a French hotel that appears in Com 50 and 007. It features a lobby that has musical entertainment and a breakfast that serves doughnuts.


The location has no canon history, as it was created on the whim for the film. However, what can be discerned from this film is that, at one point, they hired a Cal Pada agent as the desk clerk, which Com 50 later killed. They also hired a blue-haired singer at one point.

Characters of Residency

The following characters can commonly be found at the Newland Hotel.

  • Com 50
  • Desk Clerk
  • Blue-Haired Singer
  • Piano Player
  • Old Hotel Guest



  • The character of Old Hotel Guest that appears in this scene was played by Curt Freeman because he won the Super Spy Sweepstakes, which guaranteed him the part.
  • Originally, the singer was not planned. She was added to add more comedy to the film.