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"If you're lying, I'll skewer you and roast your liver!"
-Sarah Huffington, Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen
Non-Canon The subject of this article is not canonical to Mustache Maniacs Film Co.'s official cinematic universe.

O-T 3 is a character cut from Com 50-3: Raid on Central Island. He was originally going to accompany Com 50 and 007 on the main mission to infiltrate Cal Pada's headquarters on Central Island. His role was eventually filled by X in the final movie.

Physical Description

No designs for O-T 3 exist, so it is unclear how O-T 3 would have dressed. He was going to be played by Alex Hoxie, so it is assumed that, at base, he would have dressed in his CIA uniform, with a special disguise tailored to the actor for the actual mission. In the final film, Alex plays a henchman.


All of the known details for O-T 3's personality come from preliminary pitch documents for Com 50-3. He is described as being an inexperienced rookie who admires Com 50, who acts as his mentor. In this plot line, Com 50 would have filled the role 007 sort of fills in Com 50 and 007.



  • In the world of the Com 50 films, O-T agents would have been rookie agents who are just fresh out of training. Since this character was cut from the film, this detail is not canon.
  • The letters O-T stand for operative trainee. However, since this rank is not canon, it was confirmed in a canon change that CIA trainees are called just that.