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Officer Max Denver is a secondary character in both The Adventures of Legoman and A Friend of the Police. He is a dedicated police officer who is also willing to take some time to have some fun, which can get on Captain Bill's nerves. He eventually becomes Chase McCain's partner.

Physical Description

Officer Max is clean shaven with thick eyebrows and a smirk on his face, along with bold eyes. He has combed-back black hair. He usually wears an azure shirt, which is covered by a gray vest that features pockets and a police badge. His pants are navy blue and feature a holster and rope loop. For A Friend of the Police, Officer Max's design was changed to better match his personality.


Officer Max is a very dedicated officer who still is able to find time to lighten the mood with some humor. This may get on Captain Bill's nerves, but he is still valued as an officer. He has worked closely with Legoman and Chase McCain and always aims to put the city's most vile criminals behind bars.



  • Officer Max originated in the original Legoman stories from 2002, which were later canonized as taking place in Dimension 201. His debut in the Official Cinematic Universe would not be until 2009 with The Adventures of Legoman.