Officer Stanley Kenlow is a minor police officer character in A Friend of the Police. He does not speak, and only appears on-screen for a few seconds. According to his bio, he is a grumpy police officer. He also appeared in a 2004 Legoman story as "Lieutenant Stanley."

Character DetailsEdit

Physical DescriptionEdit

Stanley wears a typical police uniform that is all black with a gold badge, except that his hat is also black (the usual hat color in the LTPD is white). He has light stubble on his face, which is slightly weathered. He has a neutral expression, but will occasionally give one of his peers the "evil eye".


Officer Stanley Kenlow is a grumpy police officer who prefers to work by himself. He does not take kindly to the other officers (except for those who exceed his rank), and detests Frank Honey. He also does not trust Legoman to help out on any case, though he is depicted as more willing to work with Legoman in the 2004 story The Adventures of Legoman.


  • The 2004 story The Adventures of Legoman (not to be mistaken for the 2009 film of the same name) is Officer Stanley's first appearance.
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