Old Salt is a human sailor from the animated film New Friends ~ An Environmental Fable who performs most of the labor aboard the ship S.S. Comis. He, along with Abraham, are responsible for the deforestation depicted in the film.
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Character DetailsEdit

Physical DescriptionEdit

Old Salt wears a white sailor's shirt with brown pants, with black boots below. His face is wrinkled and weathered with a scowl painted across it. He has little hair with a brown tricorn hat covering what hair he has. No specific age is given for this character, but it is certain that he is very old.


Little character development is given to Old Salt, but by judging from his scowl and the heavy burdens he carries, he is a very hardened worker who obediently obeys Captain Miguel's orders, even if these orders result in the death of a species. His scowl also implies that he is no-nonsense and very grumpy. His history before arriving on Mauritius Island is unknown.


  • Though not intentional, Old Salt appears to be a caricature of Walter, one of the puppets from Jeff Dunham's stand-up comedy routine.
  • The name Old Salt suggests his old age and his seaworthiness.
  • Because of his participation in Father Juniper's sermon, he is Catholic in religion.


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