Papa Dodo is the main character in New Friends ~ An Environmental Fable and serves as the focal point of the film. He is the most reluctant to accept the settlers as "new friends" and collects food for his mate, Mama Dodo.
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Character DetailsEdit

  • Film Credits: New Friends ~ An Environmental FableThe Second Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Fan Choice Awards
  • Character Role: Protagonist
  • Actor: Arthur Smith; Andrew Bermudez
  • Character Sex: Male

Physical DescriptionEdit

Papa Dodo is a very plain dodo, having dusty brown feathers and a tan head, just like the rest of his species. Normally, he has a very generic expression of a closed mouth and expression-less eyes, though he has been known to show anger, sadness, love, and happiness.


Papa Dodo is the most rational of his species and knows what he must do to propogate his kind. He loves his mate, Mama Dodo, and is untrusting of the crew of the S.S. Comis. He especially sees danger in the crew's cook, Mathias the Fat Chef.


  • Papa Dodo is one of the few characters in New Friends who started production with an assigned name.
  • While Papa Dodo has an audio file of squaks all to himself, the file was re-used for the voices of the other male dodos, including Wobbles and Malcom.
  • While not accurate to New Friends, Papa Dodo actually talks at The Second Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Fan Choice Awards. He was added to the awards ceremony as a promotion for the Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Facebook page.


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