Patricia is the mother of Patrick and appears in A Very Patrick Christmas. She, along with her husband Porkins, live in their house in the Winter Village.

Character DetailsEdit

  • Film Credits: A Very Patrick Christmas
  • Character Role: Mother
  • Actor: Eunice Rudnick
  • Character Sex: Female

Physical DescriptionEdit

Patricia has a simple face, with simple smile, eyes, and eyebrows. Her hair is worn in the style of a ponytail. She wears a blue button-up coat with pink undershirt and wears dark blue pants.


Patricia is a nurturing mother who loves to know what her son, Patrick, has been up to. However, she can be naive about her son's true life, especially when she meets Lord Sam Sinister. She loves to decorate for Christmas, often going too far and loading down the house with too many tacky decorations. Her other characteristics are currently unknown.


  • She was assigned the name of Patricia because of its similarity to Patrick's name.
  • Her delicacy dish, Christmas Delights, are made from metimusel wafers.
  • Because of a comment she makes about Nevada Smith, she may have met him as well.
  • According to documents for Project U, this character's last name is Hooligans.


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