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Paul is an office worker for Neighborly Accounting, Inc. in the film The Employee of the Month. He tries to keep up with his peers, but usually finds himself falling behind.

Physical Description

Paul is not the most professional looking office worker. Although he tries to dress appropriately, his messy clothes quickly show the difficulty he has been experiencing.


Paul is generally a good person, though he can fall victim to outbursts when put under enough stress. He expresses frustration about not being recognized for his accomplishments and jealousy over Emily's success. As petty as his outbursts may sometimes seem, he is ultimately an okay person stuck in the position of being crushed by an overwhelming workload in a job for which he is unfit.

Although the Boss suggested a more laid-back position for Paul, he ultimately found success working in a restaurant. This implies that Paul is better suited to working in a fast-paced environment and can act on his feet.



  • The Employee of the Month was made as part of a contest based on the short film Citizen of the Year, which encouraged participants to produce a film in a similar style. Paul was conceived as being a counterpart to the neighbor in that film. However, as the story was developed Paul became a much more sympathetic character. While playing a similar role, his relatable storyline and implied success proved a stark contrast to the unsympathetic neighbor who is humiliated for comedic effect.
  • Paul's struggle to perform well in the office was loosely inspired by John Hitchcock's own experience of being hired for a job he turned out to be unsuited for. The idea of Paul being overwhelmed with paperwork was loosely inspired by the real-life stress Hitchcock experienced in the job, which often required him to meet seemingly impossible standards. The scene where Paul is dismissed was also based loosely on Hitchcock's own dismissal.