Pharaoh Hotep is an undead mummy character that appeared in the never-released Johnny Thunder and the Curse of the Mummy. He was originally planned to appear in Johnny Thunder and the Gift of the Nile, but he did not appear in the final movie, as director Andrew Bermudez did not want a living mummy in the film. Eventually, he did appear in the game The Lost Ruby: An Interactive Adventure. He originally appeared in the first wave of Adventurers LEGO sets.

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Hotep has gray undead skin, with black eyes and a mouth that is stitched closed. He wears a royal headdress that is yellow with gold and blue accents. His black-robed body is covered with jewels and other precious metal ornaments. On his feet, his toes are visible.


Little is known about Pharaoh Hotep's characteristics, as he has never appeared on screen. However, judging from the LEGO sets' story, Pharaoh Hotep carries a curse that he inflicts on those who desecrate his tomb and steal the gem Re-gou. In the script for Johnny Thunder and the Curse of the Mummy, he can melt his victims into nothing. In the LEGO sets, he drives his victims mad by cracking bad jokes.

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Pharaoh Hotep first appeared in the 1998 Adventurers LEGO sets as the guardian of the gem Re-gou. He appears in many of the larger sets in the theme, such as Pharaoh's Forbidden Ruins. He also appears in the puzzle book The Curse of the Mummy as a statue, though his curse still remains. He has also appeared in activity books, the party game TreasureQuest, and other merchandise tied to the 1998 Adventurers sets.


  • In Johnny Thunder and the Gift of the Nile, Hiram Aziz is described as identifying the mummy of this character.
  • Hotep has appeared in the video games LEGO RacersLEGO Racers 2, and LEGO Soccer Mania as a minor character, though he is called Eddie Elbow in the last one.

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