Polar Bear is the main antagonist from the film Gone Ice Fishin'. He is a very hungry polar bear, but is dedicated to a diet that consists purely of seafood and Coca-Cola. He does not dine on anything else, but eventually becomes friends with Ice Fisherman.

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Character Details Edit

Physical Description Edit

Polar Bear has a long body covered in hollow, colorless fur, just like other polar bears. His head is round with round ears with round eyes and a stout muzzle. His nose is oval and black. On his four paws, he has long claws for ripping up seafood.

Characteristics Edit

Polar Bear is very much intent on survival. Initially, he has no animosity towards Ice Fisherman and just wants to eat. After their unfruitful chase for the fish, Polar Bear becomes best friends with Ice Fisherman. The two now rely on each other for food and company. He also has a secret stash of Coca-Cola bottles

Trivia Edit

  • While Andrew Bermudez is not credited for playing this character in the end credits for Gone Ice Fishin', Andrew Bermudez did record emotions moans and roars for this character. He will reprise his role for Mysteries of the Arctic.
  • Even though Gone Ice Fishin' is a brickfilm, this character is traditionally-animated so that his emotions could be pushed.
  • In Mysteries of the Arctic, this character will use a new LEGO polar bear piece, with emotions animated on top of the face.
  • In the official canon, the polar bear received his Coca-Cola bottles from an over-excited child visitor in Denali National Park, who had seen too many Coca-Cola bottles. Before the park rangers could get to Polar Bear, he had run off with the bottles.

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