Professor James Digalot is an incidental secondary character throughout the Johnny Thunder Saga and is the former director of the LEGO City Museum of Natural History, Science, and the Arts. He is an arrogant, yet stupid director who exudes more confidence than the other characters give him.

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Character Details Edit

Physical Description Edit

James Digalot has a head of black hair, with graying facial hair and a pair of giant, round glasses. His suit is all white with a red bow tie, a stopwatch and a pencil. His pants are gray.

Characteristics Edit

James Digalot is an arrogant idiot who has a higher opinion of his knowledge than those around him. He frequently makes simple mistakes (such as hanging pictures upside down), stumbling over easy pronunciations, and getting into other people's business. No one at the museum likes him, and Johnny Thunder is always eager to come up with an excuse to get Digalot off of his back. He currently works at the Smithsonian Institute as an operator for their simulator ride.

Trivia Edit

  • This character is named after Professor Digmous, an original character from Andrew Bermudez's short story, Museum Mystery.
  • This character's last name is a pun on the phrase "dig a lot."
  • While this character looks very similar to Dr. Cyber from LEGO Time Cruisers, they are canonically NOT the same person, especially since Dr. Cyber was introduced as a separate character in the comic series Out of His Time.
  • He has a cousin, Jerry Digalot, who works at the LEGO City Museum as a cashier.

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