Professor Archibald Hale is a British scholar and explorer who is renowned for interpreting ancient prophecies. He originally appeared in the LEGO Pharaoh's Quest product line and made his on-screen debut in Pharaoh's Quest: The Curse of Amset-Ra.


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Archibald Hale's most prominent facial feature is his enormous, but stylish, brown mustache, which compliments his brown goatee and sideburns. He wears large glasses over his eyes and a dark tan pith helmet atop his head.

His khaki collared shirt is adorned with a pair of pockets, a compass, a pencil, and a tan bandanna. He wears a brown belt and tan pants, and has a tan satchel slung over his right shoulder.

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Professor Archibald Hale is a highly-respected archaeologist that is based out of the British Museum in London. Specializing in Middle Eastern and African anthropology, he uncovered the prophecy when cataloging documents from the region. Initially treating the document with some skepticism, he traveled to the region nonetheless to research Amset-Ra, which proved the prophecy to be true. He is dedicated to studying the supernatural from that point forward, and sees the journey to stop Amset-Ra as his moral duty, even if he doesn't like the discomfort of working in the Sahara Desert. Needless to say, he is also dedicated to preserving any historical records that do exist.

Before Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Edit

Archibald Hale started out as one of the four adventurers in the LEGO Pharaoh's Quest toy line, where he serves the same role that he does in the theme's film adaptation, Pharaoh's Quest: The Curse of Amset-Ra. He only ever appeared in one LEGO set: 7327 Scorpion Pyramid, though a microfigure of him was featured in the board game Ramses Return.

During the theme's run, he naturally was featured in promotional material for the theme, though he would typically be upstaged by the product line's protagonist, Jake Raines.

Trivia Edit

  • According to the official canon, Archibald Hale's middle name is Quinton. This is a nod to the character's official description, which confirms that the character's middle initial is Q.
  • According to the comic series Tales of the Adventurers, Archibald Hale was Dr. Kilroy's private tutor during his youth. Comic #6, Christmas Morning, even shows an old photo featuring this character with Dr. Kilroy as a child.

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