Questions is the main antagonist in A Friend of the Police and is one of Legoman's arch-enemies. He was created for Andrew Bermudez's Legoman stories and is notorious for leaving easy-to-solve riddles as clues. His real name is Frank Hankey.

Character Details

Physical Description

Questions wears green pants and a green button-up shirt. He wears a black belt and a tan undershirt, but perfers to keep these hidden. He has thick eyebrows, a thick mouth, dark eyes, and a thick head of hair.


Questions was formerly a crossword puzzle creator for the Brick Street Journal, but was fired when people complained that his puzzles were too easy. Having nowhere to go, he turned to a life of crime, thinking that his puzzles were clever all along. He adapted his past into his crimes, as he leaves riddles and poems as clues at the crime scene. He thinks he is being clever, but ends up being arrested anyway.


  • Questions is modeled after Frank Gorsham's interpretation of The Riddler from the 1960's Batman TV show.
  • In an earlier version of this character from 2002-2003, he had cheek lines on his face, a green hood covering his hair, and a green baseball cap sitting on his head.
  • Questions was scheduled to appear in the long-delayed Legoman comic The Puzzling Prank, but it has since been cancelled.
  • In the original Legoman stories, he was the most-used villain.
  • Even though this character is played by the same actor who plays Officer Max Denver, the voice files for this character were altered so that this character's voice stood out.


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