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Radia is Alpha Team's lasers expert and one of the secondary characters in Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle. She also acts as the team's medic and does not give into any impulse that she sees as making her look weak. She originated in LEGO's Alpha Team product line.

Physical Description

Radia's most distinct characteristic is her purple hair, which hangs out from under her black baseball cap. She has a communications headset and red lips that stand out on her face. Her uniform is mostly black, with the exception being her white and purple vest that sports the Alpha Team logo.


Radia is Alpha Team's lasers and medical expert, giving her the right mix of action and behind-the-lines work that she desires. She typically follows Dash's orders to the letter unless she is hesitant to surrender to any enemy, regardless of how advanced they are. She dislikes being held captive (she thinks it makes her look weak and vulnerable) and tries in any way to be on the delivering end of any blows she delivers to Alpha Team's enemies.

Before Mustache Maniacs Film Co.

Radia started out as a playable character in the 2000 puzzle game LEGO Alpha Team, where she had a wide arsenal of lasers that could be used to cut ropes and activate switches. In 2001, she appeared in the LEGO Alpha Team product line in 1 set: 6772 Alpha Team Cruiser. Between the line's start and its end in 2005, she appeared in four sets.

In addition to this, Radia also appeared as a member of the LEGO Club's now-defunct My Lego Network social platform. She also appeared in the web comic Into The Deep and in promotional material for the line.



  • According to the official canon, as well as some outside (though unconfirmed) sources, it is stated that Radia was once the love interest of the evil Ogel.
  • Details about Radia's medical expertise do not come from LEGO's official story line. Instead, they come from Elizabeth Scarheart's own Alpha Team animations.

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