Robert Teabing is one of Johnny Thunder's team members in Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo who later betrays the Adventurers and reveals that he works for Lord Sam Sinister. He was added as a way to connect Block Sauniere's murder to Chang Wu's revolution.


Character Details Edit

Physical Description Edit

Robert Teabing wears a black shirt with a brown pouch and belt, a white scarf, and white pouches. He wears a brown cowboy hat and blue pants, and has a clean-shaven face. His expression is usually quizzical and mysterious.

Characteristics Edit

Robert Teabing is a very mysterious man who likes to keep his thoughts away from the Adventurers. While with the Adventurers, he is very impulsive, wanting to jump on a clue as soon as possible. When he betrays Johnny Thunder, he reveals that he is a very haughty criminal who thinks that he can plow through any trap with ease.

Trivia Edit

  • Robert Teabing is named after Sir Lee Teabing and Robert Langdon from the novel The Da Vinci Code.
  • Robert is one of only three Mustache Maniacs Film Co. characters to be played by an actor opposite of that character's sex (the other two are Jing Lee and The Rude Mom, Ruth-Belle).
  • Robert was added so that Chang Wu's revolution could be connected to the main plot line for Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo.
  • According to official Mustache Maniacs Film Co. canon, Robert Teabing is a member of the Illuminati.
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