The Rubber Chicken Gun is one of Brickzo the Clown's weapons. It has the ability to shoot rubber chickens and slap targets with a rubbery surprise. It was briefly featured in The Adventures of Legoman.


Canon Details Edit

  • Canon Element Type: Weapon
  • Function: Shoot rubber chickens at targets.
  • Appearances: The Adventures of Legoman
  • Real or Fictional: Fictional

History Edit

Right before the events of The Adventures of Legoman, Brickzo the Clown built this weapon for his getaway clown car. When he was arrested, this weapon was filed in the LCPD's evidence locker.

Functions Edit

This weapon can fire up to ten rubber chickens after each re-load. While not lethal, each rubber chicken is able to leave any targeted person sore for hours.

Trivia Edit

  • The rubber chicken gun never appeared in any of the Legoman short stories. It was created solely for this film as a way to fend off the police officers with a motif fitting for Brickzo.
  • In the film, it is never mentioned what this gun is shooting, which led to some confusion among audience members.
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