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The Rude Family is a family of obnoxious people who torment the chimpanzees in An Afternoon at the Zoo. They were designed to be grotesque, in order to make the chimpanzees even more appealing.

Physical Description

The three members of the rude family are all fat and have large gaping mouths. They all have big arms and oversized heads, with all of them wearing simple hats. The Rude Dad has a big and bushy beard and straight teeth. The Rude Mom has a triangular nose, grotesque eyelashes, and broken teeth. The Rude Boy has sly eyes, a pig nose, and large wrinkles on his face. They all wear plain clothes.


All three members of the rude family may be different ages, but they all share the want to torment the animals at the World-Famous Budget Zoo. They have no remorse for what they do, and have no care for their environment, treating the ground as a garbage can. They all over-eat as well, as evidenced by their huge bellies.



  • The reason this group is collectively known as "The Rude Family" is because these characters did not have any official names during development of An Afternoon at the Zoo. However, in a change of canon, these characters were given legal names: Tom Hilgome (the Rude Dad), Ruth-Belle Hilgome (the Rude Mom), and Blarb Hilgome (the Rude Boy).
  • Only the Rude Dad was scheduled to appear in Zoo Flight before that project was cancelled.
  • Even though these characters appear in the final film in black and white, early storyboards exist that show the rude family in color.
  • The Rude Mom Ruth-Belle Hilgome is one of only three Mustache Maniacs Film Co. characters to be played by an actor opposite to the character's sex (the other two are Jing Lee and Robert Teabing).
  • Though not playing a major role, The Rude Family makes a cameo appearance at the end of the story Susan's Sticky Situation, where their presence acts to set up the plot for An Afternoon at the Zoo.