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Ruth Taylor is one of the main characters in Kilroy Was Here! and runs the U.S.O. Club where the events of the film take place. She is also the person who is enlisted in helping Elliot Abner Martin and Horace Mendez Lopez expose the Nazi saboteurs.

Physical Description

Ruth Taylor has brown hair and wears a multi-colored, floral dress. On her right arm, she wears a U.S.O. armband.


Ruth Taylor is a very optimistic head of the Brooklyn Navy Yard U.S.O. Club who values good service and hard work to get the job done. She is very attentive and can easily pick up on a troublesome situation, whether it be a serviceman who needs attention or the possibility of enemy spies. She also has a lot of commonsense, knowing how to act in almost any situation.

Before Mustache Maniacs Film Co.

Ruth Taylor was originally created by Tim Kelly for the play Kilroy Was Here!, which could be licensed through the Pioneer Drama Service for performing. When the Cornerstone Thespian Society version was inducted into the official canon, this character joined the official canon along with it.



  • According to Horace Mendez Lopez, Ruth's parents are named George and Mary. Currently, there are no canon details about these two characters.
  • In the European Cast version, this part was played by Alyssia Whitley. However, In the film version, Alyssia Whitley provides this character's singing voice, even though Timmon Johnson plays the character.