Sarah's Childhood Adventures: The Easter Egg Hunt is a short story included in the book Crazy Compendium: The Early Writings of Andrew Bermudez. The story centers around Sarah Thunder in her childhood celebrating Easter and is a re-writing of the older story The Big Easter Egg Hunt.

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The story begins Easter Sunday 1996, with young Sarah Thunder (who is only six in this story) rising early for the neighborhood egg hunt. She eagerly awaits for her parents, Johnny and Pippin, to finish decorating their house and some eggs for the occasion, but Johnny increasingly becomes frustrated with his egg decorating kit, a cheap one that dilutes all of the colors used.

After church, the neighborhood kids gather outside the house of the Graviator Family, including the compulsive eater Hugo Wicket, who is frequently mocked by the other kids, but Sarah doesn't mind him.

The neighborhood kids receive their baskets and set off around the neighborhood, looking for Easter eggs. Sarah, taking after her father, prefers to hunt after the well-hidden eggs, including eggs hidden in the overgrown garden of Mr. Bimble. With each egg hunt, she imagines herself like her father, looking for rare treasure and artifacts.

On her way back to the Graviator's house, she sees Hugo sitting on the curb, crying. The other kids, he explains, kicked his basket and took his eggs. Sarah, showing sympathy, offers the last egg that she found to Hugo, who is moved by this gesture. Sarah vows to tell the parents what happened, and they both walk home for an Easter lunch.

Production History Edit

When the book Crazy Compendium: The Early Writings of Andrew Bermudez was first conceived, it was decided early on that select stories would be re-written to better explore how the author, Andrew Bermudez, had developed as a writer.

Early on in the book's development in 2015, it was decided that the story The Big Easter Egg Hunt, a story that has commonly been looked down upon, would receive this treatment, along with swift canonization for the Official Cinematic Universe. Originally, the story was going to simply be lumped with other revised stories, but a decision in 2017 put this story immediately after the story it was adapting in the book. With steady work, the book and this story were released on February 8, 2018.

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  • Cherry Tree Hills Neighborhood

Tropes Edit

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Sarah's Childhood Adventures: The Easter Egg Hunt contains examples of the following tropes.
  • Action Girl: Sarah Thunder, of the child-size variety, at least in this story.
  • An Aesop: Just because someone looks different, that doesn't mean that you should treat them any differently.
  • Balloon Belly: Downplayed and subverted. Hugo is already overweight when the story starts, but Sarah sees past this and doesn't make fun of him for his weight.
  • Big Eater: Hugo Wicket is one of these, though it is explained that he's simply compulsive.
  • The Hedge of Thorns: This is how the rest of the neighborhood views Johnny Thunder's African Sage garden.
  • Mythology Gag: Both to the original story and other sources, this story has some, which are all listed below.
    • The beginning of the story mentions that the Thunders' house isn't decorated for Easter because Johnny and Pippin were on an expedition in Benin. This references the original version of the beginning for Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo, which was going to take place in Benin.
    • Hugo Wicket's nickname is Sweet Tooth, which was this character's actual name in the original version of this story.
    • Mr. Gregory Bimble, the safety inspector, is said to be obsessed with plants, and his garden matches his desires. This is a direct reference to the video game LEGOLAND, where the park inspector, Mr. Bimble, would infamously always rank the player low for not having enough plants, regardless of how many plants the player used in their park.
  • Out of Focus: Technically, this is a Johnny Thunder story, but the titular Aussie is only briefly seen, with Sarah Thunder taking the spotlight.
  • Sweet Tooth: Hugo Wicket is described as having one. In fact, Sweet Tooth is his nick name.
  • Wimpification: Downplayed. Johnny is at home and not out in the field, but the only notable thing that the world-famous explorer does in this story is use and get upset over a cheap egg decorating kit.

Trivia Edit

  • One of the main reasons that The Big Easter Egg Hunt was picked to be re-written as this story was because of the depiction of Hugo Wicket (there simply called "Sweet Tooth"). In that story, he is depicted as a big joke who would constantly eat. The author, Andrew, wanted to re-contextualize the character in a more sympathetic light, leading to the character arc in this story.
  • In this version of the story, Andrew wanted to establish that Sarah Thunder's lifestyle choices, which are patterned after her dad, is something that she has always had since childhood.
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