Secret Spy is an insignificant character in Kilroy Was Here! who only comes onstage for the musical number "Spies" before disappearing for the rest of the production. He serves as a filler in the spies' chorus line to match that of the agents.

Character DetailsEdit

Physical DescriptionEdit

In the production, he wears a black trench coat that runs from his neck to his toes. It remains closed at all times, so it is unknown what is stored underneath it, if anything at all. He does not wear a hat, and his face is exposed throughout his appearance in the song.


As this character has no development beyond the musical number "Spies" and his association with the spies, it is unknown what this character is like personality-wise. However, because of his association with the Nazi spies, it is assumed that he is just as cunning and villainous as the rest of them.


  • This part is played by the actor who portrays Horace Mendez Lopez in the opposite cast.
  • The script did not call for this character, but because of the song's choreography, this character had to be added for consistency.
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