Shady Acres is the hotel where the entirety of the events in Mystery at Shady Acres take place. The hotel is located in the outskirts of the Vermont town of Shadyville.

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Few details exist about the hotel prior to the events of Mystery at Shady Acres, but the hotel eventually drew a niche reputation as a place to relax in nature. However, it was only barely enough to keep the hotel in business.

In 2012, the hotel's manager, Miss Henrietta Clifford, invited wealthy and famous people from around the globe to stay at her hotel as a publicity stunt to save the hotel. None of them responded to the invitations, so she hired Stanley Larson to arson the hotel so that she could collect the insurance money. However, the Fairfaxes' arrival, the theft of Blanche's necklace, and Mr. X's investigation prevented Stanley from burning down the hotel. Henrietta was soon arrested for conspiracy, causing the bank to repossess the hotel.

In 2013, Frank Honey's parents and managers of the Honey Hotel Corporation, Damian and Wilfred Honey, bought the building to turn into a wilderness explorer's lodge, with motifs of Vermont's flora and fauna throughout the hotel. With the new name of Shady Acres Lodge by Honey Hotels, the hotel re-opened in 2014, catering mostly to hikers, thrill-seekers, tourists, and anyone that got lost on the way to Montpelier.

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The following characters can commonly be found in Shady Acres.

Before Mustache Maniacs Film Co.

Shady Acres was first created for the script for the play Mystery at Shady Acres as a small, out-of-the-way hotel in the British countryside. This hotel is where all of the play's events take place. When the Cornerstone Thespian Society staged the play, however, the locale was moved to New England, as a general locale. Only later was it determined that the hotel is intended to be in Vermont.


  • An address on the Philip Thorton Detective Agency brochure prop places this hotel, and Shadyville by extension, in Maine, which contradicts the canon. However, as the address also uses "dummy" numerical sequencing, this address is considered non-canon.
  • In the original play, the hotel had an English Tea Garden, complete with a tour group. While the tea garden was left in the final play, the tour group was completely cut out for creating un-needed filler.
  • According to the official canon, the English Tea Garden was removed from the hotel's grounds during the renovations in 2013.
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