Sheriff Barley is the sheriff of Howling Hollow and one of the members of the angry mob in Forest of Fear. He is always willing to uphold the law until Billy Lugosi makes a monster. He'll then join the angry mob that forms.

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Character Details Edit

Physical Description Edit

Sheriff Barley dresses in a tan police uniform, complete with radio, badge, pockets, and a brown belt. He is clean-shaven and wears a pair of sunglasses. His police hat and pants are black with no markings.

Characteristics Edit

Sheriff Barley is a relatively bored police officer, since most of his calls are about speeding tractors, lost pigs, and an occasional robbery at the convenience store in town. The only action he sees is about once a month, when he joins the angry mob that forms to destroy Billy Lugosi's creation of the month.

Trivia Edit

  • Sheriff Barley is named after the barley plant so that he would fit into the town of Howling Hollow.
  • He is Howling Hollow's only police officer.
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