Shoe Shiner is a character that was ultimately removed from Indiana Jones and the Heart of the Dragon. He would have been another henchman working for the Nazis.

Character DetailsEdit

  • Film Credits: Indiana Jones and the Heart of the Dragon (cut from film)
  • Character Role: Henchman
  • Actor: n/a
  • Character Sex: n/a

Physical DescriptionEdit

The character was deleted in pre-production, so no physical description exists. However, as this character would appear in the Athens chase, he would have been Greek. His hands might have also been covered in shoe polish.


Even if he had been included in the film, his character development would probably be nonexistent, a trend for Mustache Manaics Film Co.'s early henchmen characters. He would have been allied with the Nazis, but that is all that is known about this character.


  • After this character was cut from the film, a joke has since floated around Mustache Maniacs Film Co. about "shining the shoe shiner."
  • No shoe shiners have appeared in any Mustache Maniacs Film Co. films before or after this character was created.
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