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Solarum Industries is a appliance and energy company based out of LEGO City. This company is the main focus of the film Solarum and its COO, Cromwell Powell, is a minor antagonist throughout Project U.


Founded in 1954, Solarum Industries is, to most people, an energy company that focuses on new and improved consumer products running on more powerful energy sources. The reality is that the corporation is actually an off-shoot of the Illuminati that was created by members who wanted to tap into the Multi-Universal Interpretation that Flugel had proposed, which led them to discover the Maelstrom. Because of this power that they had tapped into, they splintered off from the Illuminati by 1970.

In 1973, Dr. Bradford Rant joined the organization to expand upon his knowledge, which led him to develop the theory of Cosmic Kinesis. However, as he started to see what Solarum was really up to, he was fired ten years after his hiring.

At the turn of the millennium, in order to appeal to new consumers, the company rebranded itself as an efficient energy company in order to keep people from seeing their true intentions. Even their current CEO, Juliet Parker, has no idea what is really going on inside of her company. The true leader of the corporation’s secret agenda is COO Cromwell Powell.


Outwardly, the company produces and sells appliances and consumer goods that it alleges are energy-efficient. The reality is that the company is a front for tapping into the Maelstrom and studying how to exploit its power. COO Cromwell Powell also has contacts within and outside of the company that say are helping him with their research. Unbeknownst to any outsiders (and even to some inside of the company), Solarum Industries has its own private army of space-age troopers.



  • When this corporation was first created, it was not as a devious company, but rather for the ending of New Friends ~ An Environmental Fable, in order to hand wave away the question of how a flashlight could still be working so far into the future (the name implies that the flashlight is solar-powered). Ironically, while the name was added to the flashlight, the flashlight itself was never "turned on," making this justification pointless. The official canon has gone on to state that the flashlight is, indeed, dead at that point in time.
  • In the film Solarum, it is stated that the micro chips placed into each Solarum device are part of the company's plot. However, the specifics are locked behind a confidentiality agreement, per Project U rules.
  • According to the official canon, the corporate headquarters for Solarum Industries is located in the Festival Square District of LEGO City.
  • The company's red and orange color scheme was dictated by BRAWL 2014's rules; Red and orange were the contest's two mod element colors, so rather than try to make two bold colors blend into the background, effort was made to make these two colors the company's motif. The contest's letter mod, k, was also integrated into the company logo.