Space Alien is the main villain from the short film Space Attack. He is blue in color and aspires to cause destruction across the universe, despite the fact that he is only one alien. He is killed by Nana.

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Character Details Edit

  • Film Appearances: Space Attack
  • Character Role: Antagonist
  • Actor: n/a
  • Character Sex: Male

Physical Description Edit

Space Alien has blue skin with an oval body, thin legs, concave feet, and thin arms and hands. His head is a long oval with giant eyes, a thin mouth, and pointy ears. His flight suit is orange with no ornamentation.

Characteristics Edit

Space Alien comes from an extraterrestrial species that lives on an unknown planet. Unlike his passive kin, Space Alien wants to spread terror across the galaxy because he wants to be feared. He usually starts off his invasion like all others: beaming down and start shooting everything with his blaster. On Earth, this upsets Nana, who ends up killing this character, effectively ending his campaign.

Trivia Edit

  • This character's design was modeled after some student artwork that was hanging up inside College of the Canyons' art building.
  • The reason that this character is commonly called "Space Alien" is because he originally had no canon name.
  • In the official story for Space Attack, this character is the only member of the alien invasion force.
  • According to a canon change on April 17, 2020, this character's name is Xelobor.
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