Stool Pigeon is a character that was cut out of The Adventures of Legoman. He was intended to be an untrustworthy sidekick to Legoman, but was cut out early on when the story shifted towards Legoman fighting crime.

Character Details Edit

Physical Description Edit

Because this character was cut from the film while the initial story outline was being formulated, no designs for this character exist.

Characteristics Edit

This character was never given a personality, as he was cut out early on. The only suggestions to this character's personality are on the idea notes sheet, which suggest that this character was untrustworthy.

Trivia Edit

  • The name of this character is derived from the term stool pigeon, which is a person that is either a police informer or someone who is acting as a decoy for their boss.
  • As this character never appears in the initial outline for The Adventures of Legoman, it is clear that this character was the first to be removed from the film. The only time that this character is mentioned is on the initial idea sheet.
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