Sydney Kaahs


Sydney Kaahs, also known as simply Super Hero Student, is the protagonist of the short film True Identity and is the daughter of George Ogel and Talia Kaahs (making her Ogel's niece). She is pragmatic and unyielding, not being above the need to kill if necessary.

Physical Description

Sydney Kaahs has brown hair that hangs down just below her shoulders and wears glasses on most occasions. She usually dresses in darker colors (red and black are two favorites of hers) and wears shoes to match. Being a fan of DC Comics, she usually wears Superman or Supergirl-branded clothing.


She was close to her parents, George Ogel and Sydney Kaahs, in her early years, but during a trip to an experimental mineral refinery that her father worked at on a "Take Your Daughter to Work" day, an accident destroyed the refinery, killing her parents. While Sydney survived, she was bombarded with highly-reactive minerals and fuel, turning her into a super hero.

Since the age of six, Sydney Kaahs has grown up an orphan, which has somewhat jaded her outlook on life. She hides the fact that she has super powers, but in situations where someone does her wrong, she is not above killing that person. Otherwise, she lives like most young adults.



  • According to the official canon, Dimension 418's Dr. Ronald Alexander never developed the Jugend Serum, meaning that Dimension 418's Talia Kaahs could not have gone into stasis. Therefore, in re-framing the lives of George Ogel, Dr. Ronald Alexander, and Talia Kaahs for Dimension 418, the Super Hero Student from True Identity was ret-conned into being the daughter of George Ogel and Taila Kaahs.
  • The reason that this character is listed in the credits for True Identity as "Super Hero Student" is because, at the time of that film's release, this character had no name.
  • According to the official canon, because the Dimension 525 versions of Dr. Ronald Alexander, Talia Kaahs, and George Ogel led drastically different lives, this character was never born in that reality. However, in Timeline 1958-D of Dimension 525, George Ogel and Talia Kaahs did marry and have a daughter named Sydney, who was named by PeabodySam as a homage to True Identity. This alternate incarnation of Sydney Kaahs is featured in Chapter 3: Acceptance of the story Because Of You.
  • While her super powers are not really displayed in True Identity, the official canon states that Sydney Kaahs has the powers of super strength, flight, laser vision, super senses, super speed, and invulnerability.
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