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"Okay. Competition's over. Let's get back to the movie."
Seth Masterson, Seth Masterson vs. Shark Hoops
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"If you're lying, I'll skewer you and roast your liver!"
-Sarah Huffington, Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen
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Theo is Sky Lane's pet Great Dane who was going to appear in LEGO Island: The Animated Series.

Physical Description

Theo has a tan skin, brown eyes and black droopy ears.


Theo is a large and intelligent Great Dane that belongs to Sky Lane. He bit The Brickster.


  • LEGO Island: The Animated Series (2013; Unreleased)


  • Theo is named after Theo, a character from Nutri Ventures.
  • This character was created after a fan suggestion. Series creator Andrew Bermudez liked the idea of including a pet for Sky Lane in the series, as it gave him an excuse to draw a Great Dane. However, when this series was cancelled, no designs had been created.
  • Henrie Theo, the antagonist from Johnny Thunder and the Trail of Botnik, was named in honor of this character.