Thief Student is the main antagonist in the short film True Identity. He is crafty and sneaky, but too presumptive about his victims, thinking that they are all helpless and defenseless.


Character Details Edit

  • Film Credits: True Identity
  • Character Role: Antagonist
  • Actor: Khen Genesis Provido
  • Character Sex: Male

Physical Description Edit

The Thief Student has black hair, a black sweater, and a black shirt. He wears blue pants.

Characteristics Edit

The Thief Student is cunning and always trying to figure out the best way possible to rob his next victim. However, he is also too presumptive, thinking that all of his victims are defenseless and helpless, an assumption that is ultimately his undoing.

Trivia Edit

  • Just like other incidental Mustache Maniacs Film Co. characters, this one has no true given name because that detail could not be established in the film's short running time.
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