Thomas Skint is one of Lord Sinister's henchmen in Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients. He is a video game nut to the point that he thinks life is a video game, thus placing himself in constant trouble.

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Character Details Edit

Physical Description Edit

Thomas Skint has large eyes worn down by playing video games too much and a thin frown. He wears a read hat with a "C" logo on the front, dark tan pants, a gray hoodie jacket, and a black shirt with a orange logo.

Characteristics Edit

Thomas Skint is a video game nut and one of Lord Sinister's henchmen. Formerly the right-hand man of Captain Vladimir Sugar, Thomas thinks that life is a video game. Because of that, he will usually "cycle through his inventory" to pull out a tool, use game controls to learn how to fly or drive, and stop in his tracks, claiming that he hit an "invisible wall." Usually, Lord Sinister uses him as a gunman, as Thomas has played several first-person shooters. Thomas also does not fear death, as he thinks that he'll re-spawn.

Trivia Edit

  • Thomas was created as a "one-off" quirky character, like Patrick, to add to Lord Sinister's gang and see how audiences responded to this character. The response was lukewarm at best.
  • This character was loosely inspired by the Mega 64 online series, which brings video games into the real world.
  • In the original script, Thomas Skint's video game obsession was more exaggerated, as scenes of Thomas claiming to have hit an invisible wall and him cycling through his inventory were later cut out.
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