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Tim is a character in the never-released animated short film The Hit Man. This character was intended to be Juniper's target, but was never featured as the film was never released.

Physical Description

Tim is a very cartoon-ish looking character, with a very round body, stubby legs, rubber hose arms, and a round head. He wears a green shirt, white pants, and a toupee. He has a small mustache, a round nose, and tall, somewhat disgusted eyes.


Tim's characteristics were never fully developed, but judging from preliminary documents, he is an average man who conducts his business just like anyone else. However, he becomes a victim of circumstance, as he accidentally damages Juniper's prized car, inflicting his wrath.



  • Originally, Tim was going to be shot for no reason. His leaving of the door ding was added later to give Juniper a motive to shoot this character.
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