Treasure Island is one of the locations in Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen and is where Long John Sliver's treasure is supposedly buried. Most of the play's action takes place on the island and is the retirement home for Captain Bluebeard and his crew.

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Not much is known about this desolate Caribbean island. However, it is known that, in 1782, Long John Sliver, wanting to rescue his treasure from the sinking ship he was aboard, rowed it aboard a dinghy to this island, where he buried it.

Around 1790, Bluebeard, already having made a name for himself, retreated to the island with his crew for a long retirement. However, to hold the surrounding colonial powers in fear, his crew sent tales of fantastic raids and images of suave and swashbuckling pirates into the sea.

In 1792, Long John returned to the island, along with Roger Goodman, George, and several other pirates, in search of his treasure, where close confrontations between several ship crews usually had hilarious results.

After those events, Bluebeard and his crew were once again left in peace. It is unknown what happened to them.

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The following characters are commonly found on Treasure Island.

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  • This Treasure Island has no relation to the Treasure Island from the classic Robert Louis Stevenson novel of the same name. This Treasure Island was created specifically for the play Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen by Craig Sodaro.
  • In the play, Long John describes an island to Sarah Huffington that he calls Treasure Island, which he says is shaped like an elephant. This is not actually Treasure Island, but according to the canon, this decoy island exists just north of an oceanic rock spire, which later becomes Alpha Team HQ.

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