Treasures of Amset-Ra are the six treasures that are central to the plot for Pharaoh's Quest: The Curse of Amset-Ra. Each one has a different supernatural property (though not explicitly stated in the film) and originated in LEGO's Pharaoh's Quest line.


Canon Details Edit

History Edit

According to the film, the six treasures were created for Amset-Ra by his best sorcerers so that he could have the power to conquer the world. However, when he was disposed and locked inside his own pyramid, his treasures were scattered across the region.

In 1924, Jake Raines, Mac McCloud, Professor Archibald Hale, and Helena Skvalling banded together to collect all six artifacts in order to prevent Amset-Ra from rising again. After succeeding, all six treasures were put on display in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Functions Edit

Each and every treasure has its own specific function, as outlined here. Together, they can give Amset-Ra the power to conquer the world.

Golden Crystal Edit

Found inside a well by Jake Raines and Mac McCloud during the Battle of Beersheba, the Golden Crystal gives the user command over the animals of Egypt, bringing any snake, crocodile, jackal, and scarab beetle under their command.

Golden Staff Edit

Buried inside a long-forgotten shrine in a canyon, the Golden Staff gives the army of Amset-Ra immense strength and full invincibility.

Golden Scarab Shield Edit

Located at, and guarded by, the Cursed Cobra Statue, this treasure gives the user true invulnerability. No blow will touch the user unless it is allowed.

Soul Diamond Edit

Perched atop a tall obelisk, the Soul Diamond gives its user the power to create mirages and illusions.

Golden Sword Edit

Hidden inside a jackal-headed sphinx, the Golden Sword gives the wielder almost expert melee combat skills, striking down any opponent with ease.

Golden Nemes Edit

Locked up with the Pharaoh inside his own tomb, the Golden Nemes gives the wearer visions of future events, as well as the power to control the other treasures.

Before Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Edit

These six treasures originated from LEGO's Pharaoh's Quest theme which the film Pharaoh's Quest: The Curse of Amset-Ra adapts. In the theme and the film, the treasures serve the same role, though their powers are downplayed in the movie adaption.

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