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Ulysses S. Powell is the time-traveling protagonist of the THAC 8 entry When Barrels Fly. He is inventive and instinctive, always coming up with new ways to solve problems. He arrives in the present day in the Kitchen Sink entry Late for the Soccer Match.

Physical Description

Ulysses S. Powell, being a veteran of the American Civil War, wears a Union dark blue uniform with hat on his head. His pants are gray, and he has a simple smile and eyes on his face.


Ulysses S. Powell is an inventive and curious man. He is always looking for ways to make everything better, then he heads off and builds a wild invention that he thinks will make society better. He was a member of the Union army, but didn't see much combat during the American Civil War, considering he volunteered late into the war. According to When Barrels Fly, he is also the first man to use the elusive "time portals," which first sent him back to the Cretaceous Period, then to the present day after soccer player Peter Whitman showed up. This is how he gets a job working under scientist Dr. Cyber.



  • This character is named after famous Union general Ulysses S. Grant and Medal of Honor: Allied Assault protagonist Lieutenant Powell.
  • Originally created as a one-time character in the twenty four hour period that When Barrels Fly was made in, he is increasingly becoming a main-stay character for Mustache Maniacs Film Co.
  • It is unknown if Ulysses S. Powell would have appeared in Making Tracks, although he is implicated by some production documents. However, it was likely that he was a natural fit due to the time period in which the film takes place.
  • According to official canon and the canonized fan film A Greater Cost, Ulysses S. Powell was a foot soldier in the Union Army.
  • Ulysses S. Powell was one of the characters photographed for the April Fool's Day joke Mustache Maniacs Film Co. is Coming to LEGO Dimensions!, and a Story Pack had been designed for him in LEGO Digital Designer. However, he does not appear in the final film.