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Venomosa: The Bounty of Billy the Kid is a short animated film that was intended to be released as part of BRAWL 2021, but was not completed on time. The film is the direct sequel to Patrick: The Movie and pits Lord Sam Sinister's henchman against the hired gun Silencia Venomosa.

Plot Summary

The film begins inside of the Hidden Mysteries. There, it is revealed that Dr. Jim Carew was not killed in Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients, but was rather assimilated into the pocket dimension's power. Billy Lugosi is also there, who was brought to Jim Carew by Silencia Venomosa, and is commanded to send Silencia out again to capture William "Billy the Kid" Parker, the only known person to have been fully revived by the Hidden Mysteries.

Out on the beach in the Paradise Sands District of LEGO City, Patrick Hooligans, William "Billy the Kid" Parker, and John "Six Shots" Parker enjoy some rest as Lord Sinister conducts business elsewhere. Billy the Kid asks if anyone wants some ice cream, with Patrick saying that he wants a sundae. As Billy walks away, Silencia Venomosa speeds in on a jeep. Billy's ability to cheat death, however, causes the jeep to swerve into an umbrella. However, after Billy pays for the ice cream and while he waits for the order, Silencia ambushes him and pulls him under the pier.

An hour later, John and Patrick get worried about Billy and start looking for him. It doesn't take long before they discover where he's gone: a interdimensional portal is open underneath the pier, and Billy is clearly visible on the other side. They hesitate to go inside, but two security guards arrive on the beach. They decide to jump into the portal.

On the opposite side, Patrick and John are inside of the Hidden Mysteries, where Billy Lugosi has wired Jim Carew and Billy the Kid up to a machine, in order to steal Billy's ability to cheat death. Silencia holds the two newcomers at gunpoint as Billy Lugosi throws the switch. The transfer is a success, but Billy the Kid survives the experiment, much to Silencia's surprise. John rescues Billy and guides him and Patrick out of the Hidden Mysteries. Reluctant to even be there, Billy the Kid also leaves.

Back on the beach, the four are surrounded by security guards. Amongst the guards is a dapper man by the name of Howard Simmons. He closes the portal using a remote and offers the henchmen vast sums of money to stay quiet on the matter. Patrick, still waiting for his sundae, doesn't need to go that far to forget.

Back in the Hidden Mysteries, Silencia escapes back to Dimension 418 as Jim Carew begins to stir.

Production History

The story of how this film came to be spans far more than the 1-week production timeline for BRAWL 2021, the contest that this film was made for. In fact, this story starts back in 2014, when Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients was just released. The film was definitely unconventional in how it broke new ground for the Johnny Thunder Saga, but it also introduced the Hidden Mysteries. The film says that these mysteries are virtues of love and charity, but there was always the question of what the Hidden Mysteries actually are. The film shows the portal to these mysteries casting illusions, killing people, bringing people back from the dead, and causing an earthquake. So, what ARE the Hidden Mysteries, really?

The first piece of the puzzle came in 2016, with the release of Rift. While it had been hinted at in the past, this film was the first time that a multiverse was confirmed to exist in canon. Initially, this did not explain away the Hidden Mysteries, but more information was altered as time went on, including a canon change that confirmed that the Hidden Mysteries still exist in the ruins of its' chamber on Easter Island. The puzzle finally came together, however, in 2020.

For years, numerous attempts had been made to give the character of Silencia Venomosa a screen debut, but the first two attempts, Win An Island! and Silence of Another Past were cancelled due to their weak scripts. Finally, she debuted as a cameo in Patrick: The Movie, where the post-credits scene features her picking up a bounty in the modern day to hunt down Billy the Kid. This all wrapped up nicely into a new film that would begin a most unusual campaign.

Venomosa: The Bounty of Billy the Kid was officially announced on February 1, 2021 as part of the ambitious 2/1/21 announcement day. That announcement also confirmed that this film would begin a new wave of films that would use THAC and BRAWL contests to revive old ideas, rather than just create an entire film "on the fly" for the contest. However, to keep the film in-line with the as-yet-unannounced theme, broad strokes were used in the original production documents.

When BRAWL 2021 began on July 3, 2021, Teresa Bermudez was assigned to take the production notes and the theme (return) and write a short film that would fulfil the set-up in Patrick: The Movie. Andrew Bermudez was away at work for some time, so the first half of the week focused on writing and re-writing. While the overall premise stayed the same, the original script called for seven separate sets. To make filming easier and more concise, this was stripped down to three sets. The film also eliminated a few background characters, mainly for time.

Production and post-production occurred over a short two-day period, when Andrew Bermudez was available to work on the animation. The film was animated at a feverous pace, but editing began to show some challenges, especially in regards to some of the special effects. By noon on Saturday, four hours were left in the competition with effects that were nowhere near satisfactory. Andrew made the call to forgo the contest deadline in favor of better effects, thus plowing the film forward for more elaborate effects. In spite of the tight schedule, all of the returning actors were able to reprise their roles and the film did release the following day as originally scheduled.

Audience Reception

The film hasn't received the same amount of attention that Patrick: The Movie attained, but those who have seen it have thoroughly enjoyed this humorous, if strange, romp into realizing what the Hidden Mysteries really are, as well as opening up the possibility for Dr. Jim Carew's return in a later project.



  • Andrew Bermudez - Director; Assistant Writer; Animator; Editor; Voice Actor
  • Teresa Bermudez - Writer; Voice Actor; Producer
  • Al Bermudez - Voice Actor
  • Garrett Schelske - Voice Actor
  • Dylan Johnson - Patrick Theme Composer


Venomosa: The Bounty of Billy the Kid contains examples of the following tropes.

  • Beach Episode: This film takes place almost entirely on the beach.
  • Bounty Hunter: While the official canon states that she's more of a hired gun, Silencia's assignment in this film is a classic bounty hunting job.
  • Briefcase Full of Money: Howard Simmons has one on hand to bribe Lord Sinister's henchmen.
  • Dimensional Traveler: Patrick and John Parker become this for a brief time to save Billy.
  • Interdimensional Travel Device: The Keystone Remote is this, which Howard Simmons uses to close the portal.
  • Not Quite Dead: Once Silencia Venomosa leaves the Hidden Mysteries, Jim Carew begins to stir.
  • Pocket Dimension: This is what the Hidden Mysteries are confirmed to be in this film.
  • Reluctant Mad Scientist: What Billy Lugosi has become in this film. He's fully willing to go through with the experiment to transfer Billy the Kid's power to cheat death to Jim, but he still views Jim as a nutcase that's better off inside of the Hidden Mysteries. He even returns to Dimension 418 at the first chance he gets.
  • The Stinger: Wait until after the end credits to see Silencia Venomosa escape from the Hidden Mysteries...and to see Dr. Jim Carew start to stir.
  • Storming the Beaches: Vaguely, sort of, in a mild way. You could stretch the arrival of the guards on the beach as this trope, though they are not a large group.
  • Weirdness Censor: Both played straight and enforced. Howard Simmons and his guards are on the scene to make sure that rumors about the existence of a multiverse don't flare up by offering the henchmen a briefcase full of money, but Patrick doesn't need to go that far, as his obsession over his sundae made him not notice that a multiverse exists in the first place.


  • The character of Howard Simmons originated from the short story Antithesis, which canonically takes place in Dimension 525. He was included here to create a juxtaposition for the Dimension 418 version of this character.
  • Dr. Jim Carew was not the first character considered for being Silencia's client. Other canonical characters, including Ogel, Balser, Cromwell Powell, and even her own brother Roger Remous are listed on the initial idea sheet as being possible candidates.
  • In spite of featuring Lord Sinister's henchmen in starring roles, this film is officially not part of the Johnny Thunder Saga.

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