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William "Billy the Kid" Parker is one of Lord Sam Sinister's henchman and strives to be a cowboy. He tends to let his fantasies get the best of him, but has found a way to cheat death through the power of the Chamber of the Hidden Mysteries. He is John "Six Shots" Parker's brother.

Physical Description

William "Billy the Kid" Parker has a ragged, wrinkled face with a big and bushy mustache, a scowl exposing an incomplete set of teeth, and bushy eyebrows. He wears blue pants, a white bandanna, a black cowboy hat, and a black vest covered by ammo belts. His gloves are brown.


A good friend to fellow henchman Patrick, Billy the Kid has always wanted to be a cowboy. However, since he never usually left home, he spent most of his time watching old western movies and television shows. Because of this, most of his behavior is modeled after movie clichés. Though he died on the slopes of Mt. Everest, John Parker's love and the power of the Chamber of the Hidden Mysteries brought him back to life. Because of this, he is able to cheat death.



  • This character is named after the famed western outlaw Billy the Kid.
  • Originally, this character was going to go away forever after Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo. However, after audience reactions towards Billy's death turned out to be negative, his brother was first created, then this character was re-imagined and re-introduced.
  • Originally, this character's legal name was left undetermined. Only after John Parker was created was the name William Parker made this character's legal name.
  • This character's parents are Dove Parker and Alfred Parker.