Willie Swipe is the main villain from the film Night Guard. He is slender and sneaky, but also very clumsy, usually defeating himself. He was created to complement the lumbering guard dog Col. Bow Wow.

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Character DetailsEdit

Physical DescriptionEdit

Willie Swipe has a very slender body, which is reinforced by his geometric head. He wears a crook's jacket and slightly-ruffled pants, and has trapezoids for ears. His eyes are round and bulbous. Atop his tall head, he wears a tiny bean hat.


Willie Swipe is a very sneaky crook who is determined to steal anything from a simple change purse to the most precious secrets of Dr. Leinad Laboratories. Carrying a flashlight and improvising with anything he finds, Willie likes to think of himself as highly adaptable. However, being the klutz that he is, he usually defeats himself, leaving himself out to later be discovered by the lab's security force or the police.


  • His appearance and eye design are inspired by Archibald Asparagus, a character from the animated series VeggieTales.
  • His motives for wanting to strike Dr. Leinad Laboratories and his history of how he became a crook are unknown.
  • In a strange twist of irony, in the film Night Guard, this character does not speak, despite being a human. Col. Bow Wow on the other hand, who is a dog, is the film's only speaking part.
  • The only time that Willie Swipe has spoken is in the trailer for Alms Pouch.


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