Wobbles is a dodo character from New Friends ~ An Environmental Fable. He is very clumsy, and usually stumbles over his own two feet and subjects himself to the settling humans. In some production documents, he is called the "special" dodo.

Character DetailsEdit

  • Film Credits: New Friends ~ An Environmental Fable
  • Character Role: Comic Relief
  • Actor: Arthur Smith
  • Character Sex: Male

Physical DescriptionEdit

Wobbles looks like many of the other dodos, with yellow-brown feathers and tan head and beak. Unlike the other dodos, his tail feathers are wider and almost always has a happy expression in his eyes. He only becomes sad when the settlers cut down the trees.


Wobbles is a "special" dodo who is oblivious to what is going on around him, usually putting him in trouble. He is always happy, only crying when Abraham denies him food and the grove is de-forested. He is the most accepting of the humans as "new friends," thus setting himself up for trouble. He is also constantly bullied by the dodo Malcom.


  • It is unknown whether Wobbles has a mate. However, considering his behavior, this is unlikely.
  • In the asset files for New Friends, Wobbles uses the same voice file as Papa Dodo, only with a different pitch.
  • When production started, Wobbles had no name. However, as development progressed, he was given a name to match his developing personality.


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