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World-Famous Budget Zoo is the decrepit zoo featured in An Afternoon at the Zoo. It is a miserable zoo that, according to the official canon, only stayed open for four years.


According to the official canon, the World-Famous Budget Zoo opened in 2009 to much disdain from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, which barred the zoo from joining its ranks. In retaliation, the zoo's staff stole animals from accredited establishments to put into their zoo. Even the zoo's main entrance sign plagiarized the San Diego Zoo's sign, with some on-the-fly alterations made on-site. The only reason that the zoo remained open was because the owner's brother was on the local city council. Later that same year, toxic chemicals were thrown into the chimpanzee exhibit. The curious chimpanzees nibbled a bit of the sludge, which unwittingly gave them imagination-based superpowers.

By 2011, the zoo had attracted the attention of rude and unscrupulous guests, who would constantly taunt the animals. One of these was a woman named Susan, who was observing the gorillas. One, named Gonzola, grabbed the caramel popcorn in her hand out of hunger and got its hand tangled in her hair. With no working waterlines in the zoo, the situation was resolved when an elephant sprayed down Susan and the gorilla with water from a bucket.

Later that same day, a rude family stopped by the chimpanzees and threw cookies at them, but by using the powers they had acquired, the chimpanzees magically swapped places with the rude family, trapping them in the cage. As the rude family wept, the chimpanzees went off on their way before teleporting themselves to Africa.

In 2012, the owner's brother lost his seat on the local city council, and the zoo closed for health reasons in 2013.

Characters of Residency

The following characters can commonly be found at the World-Famous Budget Zoo.



  • Canonically, there is no set location in the world where the World-Famous Budget Zoo is located. However, because the official canon makes reference to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, it is definitely located in the United States.
  • The zoo's story was not created for An Afternoon at the Zoo, but rather for Susan's Sticky Situation.
  • Raul Flores, the director for An Afternoon at the Zoo, described the zoo as being "animal jail."