X is one of Com 50's partners before betraying him and 007 in Com 50-3: Raid on Central Island. He is a deceitful mercenary, selling his services to the highest bidder, then not hesitating to stab his employer in the back.


Character Details Edit

Physical Description Edit

X dresses very plainly with a white shirt and a pistol holster slung over his shoulders. He wears black jeans, a head of frizzled hair, and an eye-patch with an X emblazoned on it.

Characteristics Edit

X is a cunning mercenary who is always willing to execute his boss' wishes as long as the price is right. At one time, during the Austrian Incident, X was a close ally to 007, but lost the agent's trust when he blew their cover in a blaze of gunfire and turned on his ally, wounding him. Between then and his time at Cal Pada, X would lend his services to the highest bidder, but was known on occasion to stab his employers in the back.

Trivia Edit

  • X was not originally going to be in the movie. He was added later, both to give a part for Tyler Shefton to play and to enhance the stakes in the films.
  • Of all of the allies that Com 50 has worked with, this is the only one that was not a spy.
  • Until now, there have been no canon details regarding the film Shootout!, X's only other appearance. Now, however, through a canon change, Shootout! represents the Austrian Incident right after X goes ballistic in the royal gardens, wounding 007 and killing multiple guards.
  • In the official canon, X lost his left eye in a skirmish after accidentally meeting General Mao Zedong III.
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