Zac Fernstein is the main character in the films New Year's Resolution and B.I.O. Corps. He is the boyfriend of Jessica Thompson and eventually becomes the final experiment of Dr. Wallace Bishop's Bio Amino Acid.

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Character Details Edit

Physical Description Edit

Zac Fernstein has brown hair atop his head and has a smirk and dark eyes on his face. He has a scar on his left cheek. Most of the time, he wears dark tan pants and a teal jacket. His gym outfit consists of lime green spandex with green socks and shoes. This outfit has no sleeves.

Characteristics Edit

Zac Fernstein used to be a lazy and spoiled millennial who was forced by reality to reevaluate himself. He tries to be his best, but has issues with his personal discipline.

Trivia Edit

  • Zac Fernstein reuses a name from a never-released film titled Mission: Klaus. This name was also for a hero character.
  • While New Year's Resolution is Zac's first appearance, he was created for the script for B.I.O. Corps.
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